Conexos ERP

The CONEXOS-ERP provides a highly corporate environment in all areas of the company, organizing, offering solutions and reducing IT investments.


All your company needs in only one tool



The CONEXOS-ERP was designed to address and offer solutions in a single software – fully integrated – to the segments of Foreign Trade, Wholesale Distribution and Services. The CONEXOS-ERP is divided into modules, which enables our customers to choose which modules they wish to use, according to the needs of their business. Despite the split, the software runs on a single database in order to promote a wide integration of all company sectors and make the generation of information for management analysis more accurate and secure, helping thus in the managers’ decision-making.

Vertical to International Trade

CONEXOS’ solutions serve the entire International Trade sector, which includes trading’s, brokers, distributors, and others. The company offers complete control over the import and export transactions in all forms (self-employed, under contract on behalf of third) and an accompanying covering production and cargo shipment abroad, all your traffic – – its arrival and inventory control, that is, all the procedures of Wholesale Distribution segments are served by CONEXOS.


Integration with SISCOMEX WEB

For your convenience, CONEXOS has full integration with SISCOMEX WEB (both in the register as the reading of the information processed by SISCOMEX) and develops the DI / LI registration quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the company performs the monitoring of approval with the consenting agencies and the reading of the CI with automated download from the DI extract and CI.

Integrators robots

Integration via robot scheduled appointment in Siscarga systems, Mantra, DI and LI, via scheduling on the company server. This feature provides a quality service to CONEXOS’ customers by automatically registrating 60% of International Waybill data and allows viewing a lot of information related to cargo efficiently and fast. Through this integration, all about the customer processes shipments are automatically updated and securely in the CONEXOS’ system, which improves thework’s logistics.
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Meet the modules:

  • Foreign Trade

    This module provides full management control of the operational flow in the foreign trade sector, from the placement of the purchase order abroad, to product delivery to the final customer in Brazil.
  • Purchases

    The module’s tools provide efficient control and management of relationships with your company’s suppliers, developing and improving the relationship with them, and any acquisitions that are necessary.
  • Accounting

    Fully integrated with the other modules CONEXOS-ERP, the module Accounting provides management and rapid control of the accounting departments’ tasks of your company.
  • Contracts

    Designed to provide more reliable controls and information that have contractual ballast, this module deals with contracts with suppliers and customers.
  • Controllership

    Always prizing for speed, accuracy and security to assist in the decisions of your company, the Controllership module provides information and reliable data, also provides behavioral parameters and planning.
  • CRM

    Composed of various technological tools, CRM module improves your relationship with customers and partners.
  • Customs Clearance

    The Customs Clearance module uses your company’s operational information to direct the customs activities, thereby, facilitating the typical bureaucratic processes in this area.
  • Commercial – Distribution

    The Commercial – Distribution module offers, through functional and intelligent features, extensive control in managing clients and representatives, who can make use of the orders platform, available in this module, for example, to consult customers’ information.
  • Web Distribution – Online Orders

    The Web Distribution module serves as integrative platform between the foreign sales representatives and the rest of the organization, allowing the applications online performance.
  • Stock

    Containing smart features and insurance, the stock module assists with simplicity, management and inventory control of your company.
  • Export

    This module is destined to the measurement and the full backing of all export procedures of your company.
  • Billing

    Being fully integrated with other software modules, the module Billing provides absolute control of electronic invoices generation.
  • Finance

    Here, security is the slogan, and the Finance module guarantee the control and overall management of the financial operations of your company in real time, which speeds up and improves decision making.
  • Fiscal

    For your company fulfill its obligations and tax legislation, the Fiscal module works in order to agile meet the requirements and government regulations with, facility and safety.
  • Follow-up Web

    The Web Follow-up module was developed to offers relationship portal with companies’ clients by providing full access to the monitoring of processes.
  • Electronic Management of Documents (EMD)

    The EMD module aims to ensure the management, control and organization of electronic documents.
  • Fixed Assets

    The Fixed Assets module allows the complete management of fixed assets goods and / or permanent of your company, which will be fully monitored while there.
  • Electronic Invoice

    The CONEXOS-ERP offers as one of its modules the Electronic Invoice (NF-e). It consists of a range of modern technological resources that, combined, provide excellent automation in the billing process.
  • Cost Spreadsheet

    The Cost Spreadsheet module is designed to assist the import and export processes, automatically generating the commercial proposal to prospects and customers.
  • Projects

    The Projects module of CONEXOS-ERP was developed to upgrade the business management software tools portfolio.
  • Robots

    This module has three key premises: reduce human rework, eliminate human failure in the typing process and streamline data integration with government systems.
  • Services

    The Service module offers quality asset management service contracts and controlling costs for their executions.

    The SISCOSERV module (Integrated Service of Foreign Trade, Intangibles and Other Operations to Produce Changes in Equity) was developed to meet the new tax obligation created by the Federal Government for this line of business.
  • SPED

    This ERP module generates files SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System), Federal Government project in which CONEXOS pioneered and that validates, stores, authenticates and formalizes digital documents.
  • Treasury

    Designed to control all transactions relating to the treasury of your company, this module also controls the management of flows off inancial resources inputs and outputs.
  • Trade Finance

    It has advanced control capabilities of the assets and liabilities in foreign currency, especially payable and receivable accounts from trade import and export activities.
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Vantagens e benefícios:

  • Cutting-edge technology with relational database in Cloud environment;
  • ERP Mounting according to customer demand, with complete between modulesintegration;
  • Extensive experience in International Trade segment;
  • Perfect solution for those who import and distribute in the domestic market;
  • Fully adapted to Customs Brokers and Trading Company;
  • Eficientes robôs integradores que atuam no monitoramento constante do Siscomex;
  • Advanced features to streamline billing for DI or applications;
  • ControlsTrade Finance Controls and debts in foreign currencies;
  • Integration with SISCOMEX WEB (DI / LI);
  • Efficient Transit Management Time and Lead Time for process;
  • Effective financial management interconnected with financial institutions;
  • Import costs sheet, cash request and closing processes quickly and seamlessly;
  • State and local eletronic invoice, and SPED: Accounting, Taxes, Contributions and ECF;
  • Web Platform for integration with sales teams and follow-up processes in comex;
  • GEM resource (Electronic Document Management) integrated with all ERP;
  • Email Trigger situations to notify, whether critical or planned monitoring;
  • Assistant for sales price composition with tracking mechanisms.


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