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Through training, consulting and other activities, CONEXOS provides support and training that your company needs to use the CONEXOS-ERP. Know how to

Support and documentation

Base de conhecimento

Knowledge base

The CONEXOS-ERP has great online knowledge base. This database can be accessed directly on the system platform for the company’s customers, who can also create their own PDF to study where – and when – they wish.


The CONEXOS’ attendance is completely online done in an integrated ERP platform itself. You can send technical calls, monitor the service and submitted proposals, furthermore, you can monitor SLA (Service Level Agreement) of the calls and classify them by the type and complexity. Call
Universidade CONEXOS

CONEXOS University

Your staff can be trained – free of charge – through the CONEXOS’ online training platform which provides, among other tools, supplementary materials and assessments. Adaptation Courses to meet your needs are also performed – in loco – by multidisciplinary teams. Access

Training and Advisory

To develop innovative solutions and to ally with specialist partners in related segments, CONEXOS gained experience to offer a wide range of advisory services and training.


CONEXOS offers full training to anyone who uses the CONEXOS-ERP. The training can be done in person or via the online training platform, which provides support for training and also is a form of qualified teams evaluation.


Pioneer in the SPED project and expert in electronic data interchange (EDI) with the government – Federal, State and Municipal – CONEXOS offers tax and corporate planning advisory, study and process mapping, parameterization (in ERP) and restructuring – both financial, and fiscal -, among others. In addition, CONEXOS deals directly withyour company’s professional staff.
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