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The CONEXOS-ERP is ideal to international trade segmentscompanies, distribution and services which want to take a step forward in the management of its operations.

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The services’ market is on ascension. By knowing this line of business, where qualification is essential, CONEXOS has developed a range of management tools integrated into your ERP in order to please those who consume our clients’ services. To this segment, we highlight the following:
  • Contracts Registration – of spare hours and fixed hours and variations – and Work Ordes (W.O) – spare and contractual;
  • Price Quotation System directed to the contract;
  • Integrated executionservice planning panel;
  • Warehouse control, advances to perform trip and, moreover, accountability control bound to W.O
  • To companies working with resale and that acquire the modules Distribution and Services, the system provides guaranteescontrol;
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CONEXOS offers complete management of all stages of Wholesaler distribution processes through a system that integrates the various sectors of an organization. The integration occurs transparently and in real time, always preserving the safety principles and reusing all the information.
  • Purchase procedure that includes, among others, the order management point to start the process and the import of XML electronic invoice;
  • As for inventorytracking, CONEXOS offers consignment goods control, batch and serial number, beside several other actions;
  • To sales management, CONEXOS offers various practices, such as sales price composing, different price listsdevelopment, control collections and deliveries beside creating validation rules for sales ordersclassification;
  • The after-sales management control covers management of margins by customers and products, control of supply or discharge, among others.
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International Trade

CONEXOS-ERP provides an efficient and agile management control on import and export operations, so that your company gains in productivity and information. The software is an important ally to streamline and automate the operational department of industries, imported products distributors, trading companies and customs brokers from the international trading market.
  • The software allows the integration of various systems – government or private – such as SISCOMEX CARGO and Convertec (InfoConsult) in order to assist in the progress of the import process;
  • With CONEXOS-ERP, your company has alerts and information on the progress of import processes via e-mail. In addition, the system provides follow-up control, checkpoint, agile billing DI and several other advantages;
  • The system perfectly meets the current legal arrangements for import;
  • The ERP customs clearance is practical and effective to generate obligations, such as records for the SISCOMEX. It also offers several controls (such as demurrage and ship arrival), performs the Import Declaration Diagnostic query and generates invoices and draft (DI and LI).
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